At, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in the world of Seiko modding. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to a remarkable product that’s generating buzz in the modding community: Lucius Atelier’s Ultra Thin Explorer Watch Case designed exclusively for NH Movements, now available for pre-order.

Discover the Pinnacle of Slimness with the Slimmest Seiko Mod

Lucius Atelier has truly outdone themselves with this extraordinary creation. The Ultra Thin Explorer Watch Case boasts an astonishingly slim profile, measuring just 9.96mm in thickness when equipped with a solid caseback. To put this in perspective, an NHxx movement typically has a thickness of 7.59mm. That means the sapphire crystal, case, and tolerance for hands in this case add up to a mere 2.37mm! Yes, you read that right. This is, without a doubt, the slimmest Seiko mod available for NH movements.

Even if you opt for the sapphire caseback, the thickness remains impressively low, at less than 11mm.

What’s Included in the Package for Your Slimmest Seiko Mod?

When you pre-order the Lucius Atelier Ultra Thin Explorer Watch Case, you’re in for a treat. The package includes a flat double-sided coated clear AR sapphire, allowing you to appreciate the inner workings of your watch. You can choose between a solid or sapphire caseback based on your preferences, and a screw-down crown is also part of the package.

Compatibility Galore for Your Slimmest Seiko Mod

This watch case has been meticulously crafted to accommodate all 28.5mm dials, SKX013 crowns, SKX013 chapter rings, and the original Type M NH movements. The crown, at 7mm, provides an excellent grip and is available in a knurled design, which offers superior grip over coin edge crowns. In fact, knurled 7mm crowns will not only feel better in your hand but also create an optical illusion of slimmer aesthetics.

Water-Resistant and Durable – Ideal for Your Slimmest Seiko Mod

The Lucius Atelier Ultra Thin Explorer Watch Case doesn’t just offer sleek aesthetics; it’s built to last. With a water resistance rating of 50m, this case ensures durability alongside its impressive design. Whether you’re caught in the rain or simply looking for a watch case that can handle everyday wear, this case has got you covered.

Important Note for Your Slimmest Seiko Mod:

It’s important to note that this case is specially designed for Type M of NH35, NH36, NH38, NH70, NH71, and NH72 movements. Type L of these movements will not fit due to low tolerance/space between the hands and sapphire. Therefore, this case is recommended for professional watchmakers and highly skilled, experienced modders with a great level of finesse.

Your Guide to Building the Slimmest Seiko Mod

At, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be providing a comprehensive guide on how to create your own custom slim explorer or case modding/swapping your Seiko using the Lucius Atelier Ultra Thin Explorer Watch Case. Stay tuned for detailed instructions, tips, and inspiration to help you make the most of this exceptional case and achieve the slimmest Seiko mod.

Secure Your Slice of Sleekness – The Slimmest Seiko Mod

This exclusive pre-order opportunity is your chance to be among the first to experience the Ultra Thin Explorer Watch Case from Lucius Atelier. With its unmatched slimness and compatibility, it’s a must-have for watch enthusiasts and modders looking to create the slimmest Seiko mod.

Visit [Lucius Atelier’s Website] to secure your pre-order today. Stay tuned for more updates and our upcoming guide on how to make the most of this exceptional case and achieve the slimmest Seiko mod.

Make sure to visit [] for more updates, guides, and insights into the world of Seiko modding. We’re here to keep you informed and inspired as you embark on your journey to create the slimmest Seiko mod.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and as always, happy modding!


  • Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
  • Case Material 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter 36mm
  • Thickness 10mm (Soild Caseback), 10.9mm (Sapphire)
  • Lug to Lug 43mm
  • Lugs 20mm
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Flat Sapphire with Clear Reflective Coating
  • Crystal Size 29.5mm x 1.5mm
  • Water Resistance 50m
  • Fit NH Calibre movement TYPE M


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