The Seiko SKX and 5KX are supplier on a number of straps and bracelets. The SKX having the Seiko Z22 and steel bracelet options. The 5KX has canvas NATO, rubber and steel straps amoung the range. As you know watch straps are interchangable so you change these yourself at home. Straps can be used to inject some colour, dress your watch down or up. There are many things you can do with straps to make your watch look different even buying 2 of the same 2 piece strap in different colour so you can mix and match and spice up your mod.

Both models of watches have a 22mm fitting between the lugs to fix the strap. The difference comes in the size diameter of the spring bars. When sourcing NATO or 2 piece straps made from canvas and leather be sure to select 22mm when ordering.

When looking to bracelets particually the ones with solid end links that fit to the shape of the case. You will need to ensure that that bracelet or rubber strap is suitable for your watch case. In the case of the SKX & 5KX you are free to choose any of the rubber straps or bracelets that are suitable for SKX and fit these to the 5KX. Suppliers used to only accommodate the SKX bracelets with thicker springbars but now the 5KX range is growing. The SKX bracelet set up for the fat boy spring bars so the diametre of the hold in the strap will be a little bigger than the springbars from the 5KX. This can be solved with a stainless steel collar available from most watch parts suppliers.

The SKX has what is know as Fatboy spring bars. This is because the hole that is milled into the case and bracelets has a slighly bigger diameter your standard watch spring bar. If you have an SKX be sure to source the Fatboy spring bars otherwise the spring bars will move around in the the holes on the lugs. This overtime will likely cause unwanted wear to the holes in the case.

The fatboy spring bars come in a couple of deigns. The first is a very basic design. These are great if you intend to fit your strap and leave it on your watch for extended periods of time.

Photo shitty fatboy sprng bar.

The secong option has a little more engineering in the design. This sort of spring bar is ideal if you want to change you straps or bracelets more regularary. You will notice that there is a nice position to grip When you want to remove the spring bar.

The 5KX will accept standard sige spring bars aroun 0.8mm so you can shop confidently and get yourself a load of 22mm spring bars that will last you a good amount of time.

Photo of standar size spring bars

Removing a bracelet or 2 piece strap.


Spring bar removal tool,

watch makers Cusion

This is something that most people can do with a relativly in epensive tool. This comes in the basic but you can spend more on this item when this wears out. It will be worth it if you stick with modding.

You will want you watch crystal/dial facing down on a watch makers cushion or whatever you a comfortable with.

Photo on watch makers cushion.

Take your sping bar in hands, with your normally free hand support your SKX by holding it either side like the photo below. Spring bars can be quite tough, by holding it you can then apply a good amount of pressure to the tool in order to remove the bracelet or strap.

For a 2 piece strap – Insert the tool like below and pull away from the lug while pressing down so that when the pin comes free from the hole the strap will be forced down away from the hole and the spring bar can not re-enter the hole.

For a bracelet – This may be easier with the watch case in your hands. You may want to pull a spring bar from the deployment clasp so to gain better access to the spring bars. Removing a bracelet may be easier done in your hand applying pressure with you index finger like in the photo. The pressure this times is coming from the front to remove the bracelet from the rear of the watch case.

Photo holding watch with bracelet for removal presse from the front.

Once you are confident you have a grip of the watch and a suitable pressure applied to the endlink you can insert your tool and again pull away from the lug to which the spring bar is engaged. Be careful here as you may stab yourself with your springbar removal tool. Try not to.

Photo watch with bracelet in hand with tool engaged

The spring bar should now be poking out behind the lug

Photo spring bar behind the lug on bracelet.

Once you have got oneside out you can now remove the other in the same fashion applying pressure to the front of the endlink. Bracelets done in this manner are far less likely to scratch the front of the case. As you are removing the

Photo removing second pin from the rear with bracelet.

This will now need to be repeated to remove the other half of the strap or bracelet.

Fitting Spring Bars


  • Spring bar removal tool
  • Watchmakers cushion.

Two piece straps

Withyour 2 piece strap you can easily insert the pin of the spring bar into one fo the holes in the lugs. The other will rest on the rear of the case.

Photo of spring bar half in 2 piece.

With your spring bar removal tool or a screwdriver if you prefer. You can now depress the pin that is above the lug and move the strap inside the lug. A gentle manipulation once the spring bar is inside the lug will generally allow that pin to fins its way home.

This will need to be repeated. (Rememer the buclk goes at the top of the watch – above 12 o’clock.


Fitting bracelet is a little different as you cannot bend stainless steel. This is almost a 3 handed job. You will build a techinique over time.

Taking the bracelet with the spring bar evenly spaced within the hole of the endlink. Place this on the read o the lugs. You will need to use your tool to lever one side of the spring bar against the opposite side of the case while applying a light pressure down. The pressre down is so the endlink can slip into position as you manipulate the pins of the spring bars inside the lugs.

Photo with Bracelet being fitted.

NATO Straps and other millitary style straps are often fitted to spring bars which are always in position (you don’t need to remove then to fit another NATO strap.. If you change you straps regularalry NATO style straps come in various styles and patterns, these can be sliped on and off with ease.

Phot of A NATO off and ON!

There are lots of strap and bracelet suppliers on the market some of your favourite mod supplier have a selection of straps now available. These are very competativly priced when compared to some of the brand names amoung strap and bracelet companies.

Bracelet Adjustment


SKX Fatty



24 when extended.

2 types, with collar to remove easier.

SRPD Small Pins



24 when extended.